The Notorious B.I.G Dream Big Socks

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With the school year kicked off and in full swing, we wanted to create a collection that kids could relate with, while encouraging them to strive for greatness. Also, we wanted to utilize the influential music genre of Hip Hop to motivate and inspire students this school year. We decided to do a Hip Hop Sock Collection geared towards motivating students to dream, focus, and strive for greatness, while also making a fashion statement on their feet. We kicked off this collection with a design featuring none other than the late, great Notorious B.I.G. Christopher Wallace, affectionately known as “Biggie”, was known for his superior lyrical patterns and distinct voice while flowing over a multitude of beats to create a sound in hip hop that we will never hear again. These socks features lyrics from one of Biggie’s songs, entitled “Sky’s The Limit”. The Brooklyn Born Rapper was known for wearing stylish Coogi sweaters, so we paid homage by incorporating a Coogi themed pattern on the sole of the socks. These are sure to be an eye catcher. As Biggie stated in the song, we want students to: “Stay far from timid Only make moves when your heart's in it And live the phrase Sky's The Limit....”