Nipsey Hussle & Motivate Socks

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Inspired by the slain rapper/business mogul, these one of a kind socks are sure to be eye catchers. Nipsey Hussle was an American Icon. He lived to inspire his community of South Central Los Angeles. He was inspired with an entrepreneurial spirit to become a community activist after his father took him on a trip to Eritrea, East Africa. Nipsey encouraged the inner city youth of his community to study STEM and also was an investor and innovator. He founded The Marathon Clothing Store in his neighborhood and also Vector 90, a co working space for other entrepreneurs and the people of his community to take advantage of. Nipsey inspired our owner to design this sock in his memory and to commemorate the positive impact that he had on the hip hop community and for inspiring entrepreneurs all over the world. Grab A Pair of these one of a kind socks to pay homage to a Hip Hop Legend! LONG LIVE NIP!