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    "It Was All A Dream"

    Spiritual Sports Socks isn't your ordinary brand. This line of custom socks was birthed in 2001 in a small Liberal Arts college dorm room in upstate New York. Elmira College basketball player, Travis Wilder of Detroit, MI, was awaken one night by a dream that evoked purpose and passion. The vision was clear with company name, logo, and specific scriptures that were embedded in Travis' spirit and heart.

    Growing up in church, Travis was initially reluctant to acknowledge his calling to step into ministry once he graduated college. Instead, Travis was interested in athletics given his ardent enthusiasm and participation in competitive sports. A two-sport athlete in high school, Travis furthered his basketball career by committing to play at the collegiate level. Travis, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing, also knew that he always wanted to own his own business. Considering his love for sports, desire to be an entrepreneur and most importantly his fervent relationship with God, it was no surprise that God supernaturally spoke to Travis about the conception and direction of Spiritual Sports Socks.

    The dream didn't immediately register with Travis. In fact, he didn't share it with anyone until 2012. However, as time passed, Travis knew that God planted Spiritual Sports Socks in his spirit for a reason and it was his purpose to be obedient and fulfill the vision.

    The word of God was instilled in Travis early on. His mother is the Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Worship Ministries in Detroit, MI and Travis is an active member of the ministry. "I've done it all in church from playing the drums in the choir, to being on the board of trustees, to being the Team Leader of the Prison Ministry. Church is a part of me. My parents taught me this as a child and it will never leave me."

    Travis' mission for the brand is deeper than making cool socks with encouraging Biblical scriptures on them. "I want to impact the world through the word of Jesus Christ," said Wilder.

    His long term goal is to utilize Spiritual Sports Socks as a catalyst to create jobs for felons who face challenges securing reliable and consistent job opportunities after being released from prison. "There are a lot of good people in the prison system that just had a bit of bad luck or were just simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. That could have easily been me so I definitely have a soft spot for felons. God forgives and gives second chances all the time, but unfortunately society and the prison system doesn't do the same thing at times."

    Additionally, Travis envisions Spiritual Sports Socks being a fundraising tool for churches struggling to keep their doors open due to declining membership and lack of finances. "I will never forget my mom giving a sermon one Sunday, and she gave a staggering statistic of how many churches that were closing on an annual basis due to financial woes and it was mind boggling. I thought to myself, the church is supposed to be an outlet for people to obtain prayer, spiritual inspiration, and encouragement. I want to do my part in helping combat the church doors closing."

    Spiritual Sports Socks was created to promote the word of God and to make a positive impact on society one pair of socks at a time......Grab a Pair and Step Out on God's Word!